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            The Time and The Value of Friendship .
             Have you ever thought how many kinds of friend you have? Ordinarily, people.
             have a wide variety of friends such as convenience friends, special-interest friends,.
             historical friends, etc. Viorst's article indicates the distinct relationship between.
             various kinds of friends. According to my experience, I found that Viorst's concept.
             about the characteristics of historical friends is really accurate. At present, I have some.
             historical friends from primary school, secondary school and university. In my.
             opinion, each one of my friends is quite distinct from each other because I met these.
             people at different periods of life. However, the value of friendship does not depend on.
             how long you know your friend, but it depends on the sincerity that you give and take.
             between two people. .
             In primary school, the period of childhood, children always share experiences.
             with their friends in classroom and playground. This is the beginning of participating in.
             society in which the children have to grow up. They meet other people at the same.
             age, and learn a lot of things from their surroundings. When children have trouble, they.
             always think of their parents first. Consequently, their friends seem to be far less.
             important than their families. In this period, I think that the good friend or the best.
             friend rarely appears because children only share their fun and pleasure, but not their.
             suffering. When I was in primary school, I found that it was the best period of life.
             because I had no serious problems to think of, and enjoyed my everyday life with my.
             friends. I have a good friend from my primary school. Now I have still kept in touch.
             with him for fourteen years. I also studied with him in the same secondary school. .
             Although the time has gone, and we have been separated by our goals in life, we have.
             still remembered our experiences with each other in the previous day. It seems that.

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