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             There are many different religions and practices. One of these religions is Christianity. It has many major beliefs, practices, and important holidays. These holidays and practices reflect the beliefs of the people of the faith. People of this faith practice all of these different ceremonies always. .
             All Christians see Jesus as the Son of God. He is also believed to be the Savior of mankind. Christianity originated from Judaism. There are many different branches of Christianity, which include Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. I am going to focus on the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity. Roman Catholics believe there is one god and god is three persons", Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. They believe the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and helps us follow Jesus. Catholics also celebrate the sacraments, which are celebrations of God's love. It has many of the same practices as all the religions except that it has a few unique ceremonies.
             Some of these holidays and ceremonies are not part of all the different branches of Christianity but they do belong to some of them. There are many different Sacraments practiced by Catholics. One of these is baptism. Baptism enters a person into the faith by blessing them with holy water. The water is a sign that Catholics share Jesus" new life. Water symbolizes purity. It is a very important ceremony to those who believe in this religion. .
             Another important ceremony is Communion. This is the ceremony where Catholics receive the holy Eucharist. The Eucharist is only received for Roman Catholics. This has been practiced for a long time. In the Eucharist, Jesus gives himself to us in the bread and wine. Jesus sacrificed himself on the cross. The Eucharist represents his body and the wine represents his blood.
             Another very important ceremony is Confirmation. In this ceremony people are turned in "adults" and confirms their beliefs in the religion.

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