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BMW Z3 Launch HBS Case

             During the early 90's, the decline in sales by BMW in the motorcycle market leaded to the development of a new product which would capture the emotions and excitement that bikes had satisfied. The roadster concept was identified as being the perfect fit since it embodied both the excitement to drive and the essence of the BMW brand. .
             BMW also wanted to extend their brand image to be stylish and fun and attempt to move away from the former tradition bound image of a purely executive type product. The objectives of the Z3 launch were to widen the BMW product mix as well as increase awareness of and market share for the BMW product through a wider customer audience; specifically consumers who were looking for fun and adventure and who wanted to be perceived as stylish and "avant garde".
             The definition of the Z3 brand included concepts such as style, sophistication, adventure and fun. The base model would be conservatively priced in comparison to similar high quality cabriolets and have a high specification including quality stereo, power windows etc. The roadster image would target Gen X"ers and baby boomers who were looking for fun and excitement and who wanted to live their teenage dreams of freedom and the open road. The brand's values were rational in terms of the style and image of the roadster; and emotional in terms of the reminder of youth, and the fun, excitement and sense of freedom of the open top driving experience. .
             BMW Business Goals Being the "best" rather than the "biggest".
             Sell 100.000 units in US market (major players - efficient operations).
             Brand Image Operations.
             Replacing the perception by the US public of BMW as being a German brand to a Global automobile manufacturer. Motivating and stimulating the dealer network to meet higher standards and renew their relations with the company.
             Repositioning the brand from being serious and "tradition bound" to stylish and fun, while keeping the emphasis on the driving performance.

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