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mechanical age, Benjamin

            The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.
             When Benjamin Walter compare art today with art in earlier time in history he look on that very carefully and he think about many aspect in that area. For them art is in the age of mechanical production on one way good because that give possibility for big number of people to see art product and like that art product is not just privileged for people with good life standard, that art product become accessibly for everyone. For all who have desire to see or to have that. In fact, main reason why humans have art is because on that way they can express feelings. Art have many different ways today but all of them have one main point and that point is - art is for enjoying, and usually that means that is not for one single person, art is for everyone, for humans. With methods today, to make exactly same many "copies" we do not think about something like unique on some way like people in the past. For that people unique usually mean something with big value for just small number of people, one is maker and others are owners. Today, unique for Benjamin can have biggest value then in past no matter if that "unique" art piece have really big number of people. .
             Also with new methods today which new industrial era give new opportunity we have new kinds of art , film for example. Film is big and very different way in art. Film is unique, and with film humans can enjoy on some new and very interesting ways. Big thing why is film unique is because with film people can see some things which are they impossible to see in real life, things which is impossible make in theatre or in some other ways in art. .
             When I was a child I think many times about that why people can not fly like birds and if they can I try to imagine how is that look like. That was probably thinking of big number people in the past but they do not had opportunity to see how is that look like and I know because I see that on the film.

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