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Fahrenheit 451 Book Review

            Book Report - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
             I was standing in a bookstore in Los Angeles, browsing the shelves for a book that was required for my summer course in. I found the book on the corner of a shelf and realized that the cover of the book was pretty interesting, as it appears "the novel of firemen who are paid to set books ablaze". I quickly scanned over this book several times before I remembered a friend telling me that it was one of his favorite books. I also remembered a friend telling me not to waste my time. I decided to buy it to see what my opinion was. I was pretty sure I wouldn't like it because I am normally a fantasy reader and don't usually go for this kind of book. But when I got home with it I picked it up and it stayed permanently attached to my hand until I finished it. It was finished in one week. My summer course teacher discuss the book with us during the lesson which really helped me to get through the book easier. .
             In this story, the author Ray Bradbury tells us about futuristic American city in which books are illegal to read or posses, and firemen aren't employed to save houses, but to burn books. There is a fireman named Guy Montag, he lives in a day and age of very high technology. Instead of having televisions they have 'parlors'. Which are rooms where pictures are displayed on the walls and it is very interactive. Guy's job as a fireman is not an ordinary fireman's job. In this future time houses have been made fire proof. Therefore there is no need for firemen who go put out fires. However the government has banned all books from the United States. They figure any book can cause disagreement by someone. Even the smallest minority could find a book that they think is prejudice towards them. Hence, Guy's job as a fireman is to burn any and all books that are found. However, a young girl moves in next door to Guy. She stimulates his interest in books.

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