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A Personal Response for Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet

             Kenneth Branagh's version of Hamlet was, to place it simply, one of the greatest movies let alone version of any hamlet play I have ever seen. Horatio was my most favourite character to watch, Nick Farrel"s performance was not only believable, but also highly exuberant and most characteristic to how I perceived the character to have acted in "All" situations. Mark you, that Kenneth Branaghs" performance was as well, unlike any other, however I found it more melodramatic than how it should have been performed. Derek Jacobi who played Claudius performed quite well as did Julie Christie (Gertrude) his spouse within the play. I especially enjoyed Ophelia's ravings and ranting, but what I did not enjoy at all was Jack Lemmon who played Marcellus. He committed a most heinous crime against the very being of acting by taking that part. However, not all the blame can be placed entirely on him, much must be placed on Kenneth Branagh for allowing him to act in the movie in the first.
             place. Polonius, played by Rufus Sewell fared quite well but my most major complaint would be his scene with Roberto, His pronunciation of speech seemed a little skewed, in the sense, not very believable throughout the whole conversation. Its much to casual for my comforts, nonetheless others may disagree.
             When it came to how the actors fit their roles everyone seemed quite accurate meaning the right age to fit their role, as well s possessing quite similar facial and bodily features to what I had imagined them to posses. Once again I have a complaint that touches the character of Marcellus. Personally I do not believe anyone of his portrayed age would have been placed as a guard outside the front gates of the castle. It is also quite interesting how Kenneth Branagh went against the race barriers, employing black actors to fill in roles within the play; historically incorrect it does nonetheless give a great masterpiece a modern touch.

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