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            Adolescents are changing physically, emotionally, and socially as they grow older. the Adolescent's behavior is explained as peer pressure(Kaplan 1). .
             Peer pressure is explained to build self-image, independence, and love and relationships, but not only necessarily those pressures there are many more for example decision making regarding sexual activity and drug and alcohol use is a big in today's society(Kaplan 16). If teens are struggling through trying to reach a goal and don't achieve it; its easier for advertisers to squeeze their way in to a adolescents life. Today industries are making millions of dollars off of the younger market. Since companies are having so many funds coming in they make it more appealing for the younger crowd to come in, and buy their products(Teenagers Themselves 70). .
             There are many different aspects of peer pressure. It can involves sex, drugs, alcohol, love and relationships, money and jobs, education and pressure for good grades, future plans, prejudice, racism, and stereotypes, and much more(Levinson 3) But their are also many other pressures that other teens face weather it being emotionally or physically. In recent surveys teens say that the biggest pressures today in school are dealing with sex, drugs, and alcohol.(Seventeen 80) So many teens get away with these abuses. Its so easy for a teen to go to a convenient store and buy a pack of cigarettes, or to get high or drunk at a party. Why does this happen because consumers don't care who they are selling their product to, as long as its selling who cares who buys, is their way of business(Teenagers themselves 9-10). .
             Six out of every ten teens have either had sex or are pregnant with the age of seventeen (APA 1). Surveys ask why do you choose to participate in sexual activity, or why do you join in drinking and experimenting with drugs? 47% of teens say "everyone's doing it or I just wanted to try it," and 44% say "I won't fit in if I don't" and 9% were others with personal reasons.

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