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America Online and Time Warner

             * This case study was prepared based on the material contained in "AOL Time Warner- by Arthur A. Gamble, which was published in Strategic Management:Concepts and Cases/ Arthur A. Thompson, Jr., A.J. Strickland, III. - 12th ed. .
             America Online is the world's most popular online service. Why do more than 12 .
             million people subscribe to AOL? The many reasons include availability, simplicity, and .
             content. It provides subscribers a variety of interactive features - electronic mail, Internet .
             access, entertainment, news, sports, weather, financial information, electronic shopping, .
             and more. It greatly increased competition for market share, because almost everything .
             AOL has to offer can be found in some form on the Internet. The increased demand .
             yields opportunities for dramatic growth, but it also causes many difficult, technical, .
             financial, and managerial challenges.
             The pace of change in fiscal year 1997 had AOL scrambling. AOL's primary .
             market is the home computer user, and that market is still growing. Their new .
             fundamental purpose and passion has been to create a new medium that is easy to use and .
             as accessible as the telephone and television - and just as central to the lives of millions .
             of people around the globe. They strive to remain the leader in that medium, improving .
             customers' lives by offering value, "ease-of-use-. With this will cause the merger with .
             Time Warner. What the new decade is looking for.
             CURRENT STRATEGY.
             Everyday millions of people go online.
             Merge: With this will entitle new-economy.
             Additional new software to keep ahead of the competition.
             Focus toward the new generation of children.
             The AOL Foundation.
             High-speed growth with TV and telephones.
             AOL anywhere anytime.
             Forming new partnerships with electronics.
             Since the use of the Internet and online services is growing at dramatic rates and .
             the interactive medium was growing in very unpredictable ways, AOL managers believed .

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