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Pooja Oil In Hindu Religion

             Pooja oil or prayer oil is a crucial item in every Hindu home and temple. It is closely related to the pooja light itself and has its very own significance in Hindu prayers.
             Pooja oil is an offering by a Hindu to light up the home of God, such as prayer room or temple. In a true sense of spirituality, is serves a much finer message. Pooja oil represents our gross physical body while the pooja light indicates its transformation into illuminating atma or soul. In other words, the significance of pooja oil in Hindu prayers is that it illustrates mankind who performs complete surrender to God and attains enlightenment through His grace by becoming liberated sparks of light and finally merge in union with the Supreme Light. .
             In this regard, pooja oil is made of selected oil with specific attributes, such as consumable, rich in nutritional value and/or serve as remedy - the properties that exemplify in reference to the noble qualities of mankind. Although varieties of acceptable oil is available (traditionally vegetable based is used to highlight vegetarianism and ghee is also accepted because it's obtained from the cow which is a sacred animal in Hindu religion) only certain oil has been used as pooja oil. This is done in accordance with its best ability to symbolize worthy or explicit qualities of human nature and the acceptance by a particular God or Goddess(as revealed by Hindu sages) by which amazing benefits could be reaped. .

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