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             Courage, perseverance and hope are clearly seen through the actions of several Africans and their "Big Man" Cinque, who over-ran the slave ship La Amistad in an attempt to go home. Fifty-three native Africans fate is chosen by a "dung scraper," a unknown attorney looking for a case, but that is only skin deep. Not only does this "dung scraper" know what he is talking about but he is the one who can and will free them from bondage. There are two other men who play a very drastic role in the fate of Cinque and his people; those men are John Quincy Adams and Theodore Joadson. .
             John Quincy Adams is not highly regarded among his colleagues and is seen as a drooling fool who sleeps half of the time during the meetings on Capitol Hill. Others feel that the only reason that he is well known is because of his middle name-- not true.
             John Q. Adams was a great man, filled with knowledge and wisdom which many people do not acquire in a lifetime. When it came down to the line John followed through, he triumphed over evil by doing what was right at the right time. One thing that Mr. Adams stated to the United States Supreme Court was "The constant and perpetual will to secure to every one HIS OWN right." Essentially John knew that Cinque wanted and needed freedom, which is what every person on this planet wants and needs. John Quincy Adams fought and won freedom for them.
             There is one man that did not do the right thing, President Martin Van Buren. Two words sum up his presidency, Bill Clinton. His only want and will to be in office, was to be in office. The only thing he was concerned about was his reputation, and not to be in office when the civil war began. That was the last thing he wanted on his head. So instead of helping 53 native Africans return to their families, homes and friends, he made it all the more difficult for Baldwin, Theodore Joadson and John Adams to win the case in the U.

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