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Standardized Testing

            "Urban graduation scam needs to be addressed".
             Standardized testing is a very controversial topic among education administrators. Some feel that these tests are a good way to compare students city, state, and nation wide. While others feel that these tests are created unfairly and that they place too much pressure on teachers to "teach the test". Tests that are developed by the state are usually only measure the minimum competency measurements. For example when a student passes a state developed reading test the student demonstrates that he/she is able to read at the state level, which does not necessarily mean that particular student is reading at grade level. This article has taken another look at state develop tests.
             For students to graduate high school they must take the High School Proficiency Test (HSPT). However, if they fail this test three times they are automatically placed into the Special Review Assessment (SRA). When this program was first developed it was there for the few students that "froze" on the HSPT; however, now any failing student may be placed in the SRA. The SRA is a program where teachers, principals, and other administrators are able to further observe a student's skills. However, data collected shows that thirty-three percent of the nation's high school graduates are being given their diploma only after they fail the HSPT three times and then are deemed competent after being placed into the SRA. This is a huge problem and one that needs immediate attention. Students have learned through the "grape vine" that they can graduate high school without passing the HSPT. This leads to several problems some of which include the students not caring about their education and teachers teaching to the test knowing that the students only care about passing, and now not even caring enough to pass. This problem may not only exist at the high school level.
             In high school there is the HSPT in elementary school there are the ESPAs.

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