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Bus Ethics

            RE: Business Ethics in Corporate America.
             At your request, I have researched the topic Business Ethics in Corporate America using the Internet, books, newspapers, and journals, in order to compile this report. My report will define business ethics and discuss unethical behavior in corporate America. The report will then go on show how unethical decisions affect public view, discuss how ethics have become an integral part of university business programs nationwide, and demonstrate how a "code of ethics" in a company can be helpful to safeguard it from unethical behaviors and decisions by its employees and associates. After reading the data and information enclosed in the report, you may consider establishing a code of ethics here a Technology Unlimited in order to strengthen our values. The information enclosed should help everyone understand what we can do to safeguard our company from any scandal regarding unethical decisions, and the making of those decisions themselves. .
             Business Ethics Defined.
             The code by which business" regulate actions, set standards, and promote the welfare of the whole community is considered business ethics (Collins, World Book). Business Ethics itself does not automatically achieve these goals, but it does serve to guide and remind people of them. The moral philosophies in business and doing what is right are considered part of this code (Rachels 3). .
             According to Buie Seawell, Delaware University professor of law and ethics and former state Democratic Party chairman, business ethics are not as simple as "do the right thing" (Curtin 2).
             A business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation, must establish to itself (and its employees) what it believes are the rights and wrongs, internally and throughout the industry. Most companies want to establish themselves as a business that practices on ethical grounds, however some businesses do often cross that fine line between right and wrong.

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