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Compters Today

             It Has Changed The Way We Conduct Business .
             Computers and the availability of information has drastically changed the way business gets done. The usage of powerful computers and the new information age has put the world at our fingertips. Many of the changes allow information to be accessible via an intranet, extranet, email or the world wide web. We will discuss several methods of information processing and how it has impacted the business world.
             The Computer Information Age.
             It Has Changed The Way We Conduct Business .
             In most places of business, a computer is standard. In the bank they use computers to access your account information. At the University of Phoenix advanced computers systems and the world wide web are used in conjunction to record your school enrollment status and give your course requirements. You can also purchase your school textbooks online at Specialty Books via the web and have them delivered to you within a day or two. A computer system is computer hardware as a system of input, processing, output, storage, and control components. Thus a computer system consists of input and output devices, primary and secondary storage devices, the central processing unit, the control unit within the CPU, and other peripheral devices (p. 105).
             With the growth of computers came an even bigger event, the introduction of the internet. The internet grew out of an experiment in 1969 called the ARPAnet. The ARPAnet protected the flow of information between military installations by creating a network of geographically separated computers that could exchange information via a newly developed protocol (rule for how computers interact) called NCP (Network Control Protocol). This invention of information sharing has put information at our fingertips. .
             In today's business world a computer is the way in which business gets done . .
             Most computers in the work place are powered with high-speed processors, access to the world wide web and megabytes of useful software.

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