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Progress made through discourse among people

            It is contended that progress is best made through discussions among people with contradictory points of view. I strongly agree with that contention. This can be asserted in almost all walks of life which include social, political or scientific phenomena.
             To start with the contention that contradictory views are beneficiary, the enactment of Anti-Dowry law in India can be cited. The initial content of the law was to indict a person demanding dowry and harassing for the same. While nearly everyone would agree that the custom of dowry has to be abolished, the initial content of the law did not consider a possible misuse of the law by a bride indicting her in-laws for some other personal motives. This viewpoint combined with the fact that dowry is widely prevalent in India as a custom, the legislators investigated on the causes for the very existence of dowry to put an end to any dowry related crimes. By such an investigation, the legislators discovered that women not having rights to inherit the immovable properties of the parents, is the main reason for dowry. The legislators by enacting a law enabling women to inherit properties occluded the cause for the custom of dowry. This does not mean dowry is abolished completely, yet this law together with the Anti-dowry law presents a better restraint to dowry related crimes. This improvement in the enforcement of the law has come mainly because of the contradictory viewpoints presented. .
             The various debates and discourses regarding the women's reservation bill, which enables 33 percent representation by women in all legislative bodies, is another example for the benefits of discourses. The initial body of the bill is that there would be 33 percent of women in all legislative bodies. Though almost none would disagree that there should be adequate representation of women, the existing clauses of the bill was opposed by certain sets people.

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