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Domestic Couples

            Marriage has persisted as a union between two people. Many people do not readily commit themselves and accept marriage as their option. Domestic partners include unmarried couples "same sex or opposite sex "who live together. American corporations should extend benefits to domestic partners as well as to spouses. For example, if individuals of the same gender marry, wouldn't they fight for their rights and benefits as citizens? Same sex gender and different sex gender people should all receive the same benefits as eligible citizens. Our society has trained people to think and behave in a synchronized way. Society has always tried to group people together who seem different or who have different beliefs. Therefore, making it very difficult for domestic partners to receive any benefits for themselves and/or for their partners. However, on the other hand if we start to give the domestic partners all benefits in the work place then we are saying to people that it is ok to have domestic relationships because one will receive the same creditable benefits as a married couple would.
             American corporations should extend benefits to domestic partners and their spouses, just as they would extend benefits to a married couple. Businesses should respond to domestic partners in the same way they would to a regular married couple. How can one distinguish an individual's benefits from another's just by knowing if the couple has been legally married or not? Equality between individuals should exist in a working environment. .
             According to Lisa Schiffren, who wrote an article in the New York Times stated that, "The Government gives tax benefits, inheritance rights and employee benefits only to the married- (258). This statement seems one sided, since it will eliminate more than half of the people. It does not seem fair that one individual cannot get, more or less, the same benefits just because of a marriage issue.

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