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Domesticated Donkey

             The purpose of researching the donkey was to find out their significance to mankind in the past and in modern lives. Before researching, I generated a hypothesis. This hypothesis stated that the donkey played a very small role in transportation and economic needs throughout the world. Many articles supported the following report.
             Most people can go a lifetime and not fully understand an animal called the donkey. A donkey is a domesticated ass. Most people consider these animals very annoying and "good for nothing." That is not true. Donkeys are very helpful in other parts of the world besides in the few places in America. As you continue to read on you shall recognize the significance of the donkey in many parts of the world today.
             The donkey is indeed quite annoying with its "door-hinge" bray, but that cannot be a supportive argument claiming this animal as useless. As you travel around the world, you will encounter many nations who use the donkey as much as Americans use cars. Asia, Latin America, North Africa, and some parts of Southern Europe have used these unique animals for many years. The reason for the wide spread use of the donkey is because they have the ability to carry/transport a large load of materials over rugged terrain for a very long distance. The domesticated ass has hoofed feet, which allows it to travel long distances with out pain. Four-legged, hoofed mammals such as the mule, zebra, and horse are all part of the Equidae family. .
             Now there is one thing that most people don't know about the domesticated ass, also know as the donkey. That is that it is not the same thing as the burro or the mule. A donkey is a domesticated ass, as stated earlier. A mule is a hybrid, domesticated animal that is acquired when crossing a female horse (mare) with a male donkey (jack). A burro is a descendant of the Nubian and Somali ass. They originated in Southeast Africa and now share a home in more than 7 countries in the world.

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