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Dorothy I Height

             For nearly half a century, Dorothy Height has given leadership to the struggle for equality and human rights for all people. Employed in many capacities in both government and social service agencies, she is well known for her leadership role with the YMCA and the National Council for Negro Women. In 1965, she assumed presidency of the National Council for Negro Women. In the 1970's she helped National Council for Negro Woman win grants to provide vocational training and assist women in opening businesses.
             Dorothy's roles led to her advocacy for improved conditions for black domestic workers, to her election to the National office within the YMCA, and to her involvement with that organization's integration policy. She steered through the civil rights struggle of the 1960's by organizing voter registration in the South, voter education in the North and scholarship programs for student civil rights workers. She also served as a social service expert on local, state, and federal government committees concerned with women's issues.
             How effective Dr. Heights was can best be stated by some of her numerous awards she received before her retirement in 1996. They include: President Medal of Freedom 1994, John F. Kennedy Memorial Award 1965, Ministerial Interfaith Association Award 1969, Ladies Home Journal Women of the Year 1974, and the Citizens Medal Award in 1989.
             Her leadership trait was one of advocacy and activism in drawing young people into her organization in the war against drugs, illiteracy, and unemployment.
             Team #4 believes she is a woman who has courage to struggle through many difficult times in our country's history for the equality of human rights for all people. She was not only a great leader but also a servant. While there are many more civil rights struggles to be won, she was a matriarch of the cause.

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