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Dracula and Jesus

             Count Dracula has many similarities to Jesus Christ throughout Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Although Jesus represents good and Dracula represents bad, both have things in common. They are both supposed to be presented as a godly and all-powerful figure. In this novel, you find similarities in the way they die, what happens when they die, and how others know them. They are very different but have similar ways of doing things.
             One thing in which they have in common is the way they die. Dracula is killed when Quincey Morris drives a knife through his heart and Jesus dies when the Romans nail him to the cross. After Jesus died his body ascended into heaven. When Dracula dies, according to Mina Harker, "before our very eyes, and almost in the drawing of a breath, the whole body crumbled into dust and passed from our sight" (Stoker 398). These deaths are similar in that in both deaths the body disappears in an unnatural way and have their own meanings. Jesus ascended into heaven and Dracula vanished from the earth. Dracula's dying is also symbolic, in that when he dies and turns to dust representing the Christian saying from dust to dust. Dust also symbolizes being set free and Christian freedom.
             Death equaling freedom is the next thing Dracula and Jesus Christ have in common. It is believed that before Jesus died all souls were sent to purgatory, where they waited. When Jesus died there souls were saved and they went to heaven. It is also believed that whomever Dracula bites will turn into a vampire when they die and remain un-dead forever. The only way to be saved is for Dracula to be killed. This is proven right before Quincey Morris dies after he just killed Dracula, "It was worth for this to die . The curse has passed away" (Stoker 399). After Dracula dies the vampire curse is taken away and their souls are freed. Just as when Jesus died, he freed all the souls from purgatory. In both of their deaths souls are set free.

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