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Dracula Term Paper

            Ever since the beginning of time society has taken an interest in subjects that one is supposed to reject. When stories are created they tend to deal with many of these topics because the storyteller knows people want to hear about these outcast ideas. Children are not taught at school and grown ups are not shown at work the actual details of intercourse, they are not taught of how it looks when someone has their body mutilated, and they are not taught about the vampire. All these subjects come from ghost stories around campfires, movies, and horror books. The novel, Dracula, written by Bram Stoker in 1897 uses controversial issues he lived through such as sexual fantasies, abnormal gore and violence, and the idea of the vampire to catch his readers" attention.
             Sex is a topic many avoid talking about. Parents tend to bring it up to their children as the birds and the bees. Teachers use huge words and parts of the body like the fallopian tube to make the topic less awkward and also less appealing. Kids know about sex by the time they are in the fifth grade. They understand how it works and they know that is where they came from. They also know that people enjoy it and that it makes people feel good; otherwise why would there be those restricted channels called Spice and Playboy or that one restricted area of the movie store with a sign that reads "Must Be 18 To Enter". This is where their interest lies. They do not care about where the sperm goes once it is inside the vagina; they care about how many different ways one can make the sperm get into the vagina, why it feels so good, and why people are embarrassed to talk about it. Where parents and teachers leave off, television, movies, and books take over(Maurley 2). .
             "Stoker wrote about fantasies like sex and suggestive situations even though he lived in a very conservative time period, and yet people showed great interest in his morbid novel" (Fisher 64).

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