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            Dwight David Eisenhower is the most important Kansan in history. He was a famous World War II hero and a great President of the United States. The purpose of this paper is to state that Dwight David Eisenhower is the most important person in the history of Kansas.
             Many people will agree that Dwight David Eisenhower, also known as "Ike," is the most important person due to his influence in World War II. He started his career and graduated from West point and then was stationed in Texas as a second lieutenant. Here, he met his wife, Mamie Geneva Doud, whom he married in 1916.
             In his early military career, he excelled in assignments, serving under Generals such as John J. Pershing, Douglas Mac Arthur, and Walter Krueger. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, General George C. Marshall called him to Washington for a war plans assignment. He then commanded the Allied Forces landing in North Africa in November of 1942. He also was selected to command the Normandy Invasion, also know as D-day, where the Allies crossed the English Channel into German premises.
             The Normandy Invasion is the most important job Eisenhower had in his military career. Ike was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces. After the invasion came Battle of the Bulge where Eisenhower was promated to General of the Army, the United States Army highest rank. The day after Ike wsa promoted the Germans attacked Belgium and took the Allied forces by surprise and had to retreat since they were so badly outnumbered. The Allied Air force could not help due to bad weather and the Allies were close to panic. Eisenhower called a conference and the United States took action and surrounded the Germans and caused them to surrender. .
             After World War Eisenhower became President of Columbia University, then left to take over the new NATO forces being assembled in 1951. Soon, Republican emissaries gathered at his headquarters near Paris and persuaded him to run for presidency in 1952.

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