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EM Forster Critique

            Edward Morgan Forster had an unusual reputation as an author. During his life he only published five novels, the last of them being A Passage to India in 1924 (Kelvin: preface). Although the amount of water under his bridge is little, critics and readers alike rank him to be on of the best contemporary novelists of his time. In the following paper information will be found on Howard's End (1910), A Room with a View, A Passage to India, and Forster's life.
             Plot & Theme.
             Forster was a humanist (Kelvin: 102) who used his books to express his opinions about social change, life in England, and his political views. In Howard's End Forster was preoccupied with the vast social changes sweeping his nation, so he set out to address the question, "Who shall inherit England?" - meaning, which class of people would come to define the nation (Kelvin: p103)? It brought together the themes of money, culture, and business (Website: kirjasto). A Room with a View is a social comedy themed around Forster's opinion of humanism. Forster's goal was to write about a realistic love between a man and a woman. Lucy Honeychurch and George Emerson fall in love because of circumstance. (Kelvin: 84) A Passage to India is a novel based on the understanding and misunderstanding, about the sentiments that connect people and the prejudices that divide them (Walls: 1). It is based around the British occupation of India in its later days, when the movement for Indian stat!.
             ehood and independence from England had already began to build stamina (Forster: India). Miss Adela and Mrs. Moore travel to India, hoping to see the real India, rather than simply the institutions of English culture and English citizens in India. While there Miss Adela accuses Aziz of attempted rape. She later recalls her accusation during her testimony at the trial.

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