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             Epistemology = the study of knowledge.
             (Contrasted with doxa = which is a belief or mere opinion).
             (How) can doxa (an opinion) = be Epistzmz (knowledge)?.
             Knowledge = justified true belief (universally true).
             Doxa can be justified belief.
             3 necessary conditions for knowledge:.
             1. Belief - (yours/mine).
             2. Truth - (it is true).
             3. Justification - (you/me justified in believing the truth).
             In philosophy there are 2 kinds if knowledge:.
             Knowing How vs. Knowing That.
             To do something "know-how-.Cannot be fully verbalizedEg:- your own way of doing things. It is not what epistzmz refers to. Propositional truth - truth in an idea.(propose - idea, offer)It can be fully verbalized.
             Declaratives, statements, propositions: the kinds of things we say.
             1. Interrogative (question). Is that a door? Are you sure?.
             2. Explanative (!) What a nice car! Kinds of statements.
             3. Imperative (order) Shut that door.
             Each statement supposes that something is true BUT after saying all those statements, the question "Is that true- doesn't follow. Invalid. That's why this cannot apply to epistemology because these 3 statements leave no room for doubt. Already supposes something is true.
             * Only declarative statement CAN possess "truth-value-.
             E.g.: this is door.
             Difference is, in declarative, you can ask "Is that true?- therefore declarative.
             Components of any argument MUST be declarative statements. You cannot order, exclaim, or question within a philosophical argument.
             One other kind of statement that seems like a declarative statement but it's not. (But not declarative sentences or "pseudo-statements- such as: men are from Mars; Women are from Venus (!).
             Cannot form part of an argument because it is an exaggeration.
             It is important to know what proposition is because a proposition what a declarative statement states, regardless of language:.
             ► This is a door.

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