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Neuroticism and Anxiety

             The experiment that was performed focussed on the correlation between Neuroticism and Anxiety. Neuroticism is on the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) and Anxiety is on the Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI). The purpose of this experiment was to see whether these two characteristics had a distinct correlation. The study involved students at Huron College, who were in Psychology 022. There were 147 students who voluntarily participated in the study. The study involved two different personality tests. On the first day the students filled out the Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) and on the following class the students filled out the Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI). The results that transpired were, Neuroticism and Anxiety have a high correlational value and they are directly related to each other. These two characteristics also have a high significance value and the results obtained were not due to chance.
             Correlational study between Anxiety and Neuroticism .
             Personality consists of all the relatively stable and distinctive styles of thought, behavior, and emotional response that characterize a person's adaptations to surrounding circumstances (Maddi, 1976). That people differ from each other is obvious, how and why is less clear and is the subject of psychologists to find out the differences in personalities between people. Why do different situations cause varied reactions in people in such a distinct manner? Some people love going skydiving, while others would never even consider attempting that action. What traits cause particular individuals to enjoy an act, while others are so fearful of something it causes them to feel pain and dismay. There is not a single answer to this question, but there are many factors that play a role in determining the solution.
             It is proven that individuals have personality traits that differentiate them from everyone else. No two people are going to be exactly the same and have the same emotions and mannerisms.

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