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Everyday Use

            The four main characters of this story are the author, the authors daughters Dee (Wangero) and Maggie, and Hakim-a-barber. All of these characters have different values on the cultural artifacts in the story. .
             When Dee came back home for the evening as they were eating supper she pointed out the butter churn and the dasher that she wanted them. She only wanted them to use as decorations in her fancy home. That's all they were to her was decorations. But to the author they showed the hard work and the labor they used to do to make the butter for the wooden handle had finger grooves sunken in it showing just how hard they had to churn. It also meant a great deal to her because Uncle Buddy whittled it out of a tree. Dee really did have great value for the table benches that were made when they couldn't afford chairs. She was delighted that they still used them. The food really didn't have a great value to the author or Maggie because they were so used to eating it everyday. But Dee really did love the food, it seems as if she had missed it the way she talked about how good the sweet potatoes and the chitlins and cornbread was. On the other hand Hakim-a-barber didn't have much ap!.
             preciation for the food because he said he didn't eat collards and pork was unclean. The two quilts mentioned in the story were very special to the author for they were made from scraps of Grandma Dee's dresses over fifty years ago. She had full intentions of giving them to Maggie after she married so keep them a special heirloom in the family. Dee on the other hand came to the house and just took them saying that Maggie would have no appreciation for them and that they were meant to be hung on display because they were worth so much. .
             Hakim-a-barber really couldn't have much appreciation for anything there at the house because he had never been exposed to any of it before. He seemed to act like everything was dirty and old-fashioned.

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