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Evolution of Western Lit

             The "Renaissance" or the "Age of Enlightenment" was an age of great advancement and restructure for all of Europe. Great advancements had been made in science, logic and mathematics. These developments greatly affected the literary arts in Western civilization. The Renaissance gave way the Neo-classical movement in literature. Neo-classicalism dominated literature from the late seventeenth until the early eighteenth century. Neo-classicalism was characterized by emotional restraint, logic, technical precision, clarity, and order. Appealing to the intellect rather than imagination and emotions. Romanticism was a movement in literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth century as a revolt against Neo-classicalism. Romanticism loved spontaneity, freedom from rules, and devotion from beauty. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century came way to the realist. Realism accurately depicts life and it's problem. Realists gave a picture of modern life. .
             In Tartuffe, the Neo-classic Playwright Moliere, paints a picture of a hypocritical thief attempting to swindle victims under the blanket of religious goodness. Tartuffe has the character Orgon so brainwashed that he is completely blind to his grand scheme. Moliere in a sense is criticizing the many corrupt individuals that may be considered pious. Moliere composed his plays during a time in the seventeenth century, when the way of life in France was changing dramatically. The developments in science were bringing about a new class structure, challenging the idea of a monarchy. During Moliere's writing career he was subjected to certain guidelines, which shape every aspect of his plays. His art was forced to follow specific rules, called the three unities. These unities only allowed the play to cover the timeline of twenty-four hours, only taking place in one setting and must only involve one story. Moliere did not like this literary structure, and felt the writing had little potential.

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