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Jews and the American Dream

             How many people would have thought that an ordinary town in California would have transformed itself into Hollywood that all of us know today. More than eighty years ago Hollywood was nothing more than a place in a middle of nowhere. But for the Eastern European Jews who migrated to America at that time, Hollywood is a perfect place for them to build their own empire. Among those who got on the ship and sailed to America were movie directors who brought with them creative ideas and new perspectives in movie making. .
             One of the most familiar names is Adolph Zukor who was born in a small Hungarian village in Tokay grape district. Unfortunately Zukor lost his parents when he was very young and he was adopted by his uncle. Lonely, independent, and unloved, Zukor petitioned to leave in search for a better life in America and later build his own empire under the name of Paramount Pictures. . .
             Another well known Hungarian immigrant who made his fortune in the movie business is William Fox. After he moved to American with his parents Fox did everything he could to survive from hawking sody pop to selling sandwiches. Because of his talents and hardwork, he established his own production called the Fox Film Corporation.
             Louis B. Mayer was born somewhere in Russia and he doesn't even remember his own birthday but later on Mayer decided to use the Fourth of July as his birthday. It could be that Mayer is proud to be an American and it could be the fact that America has given him another chance in life. Mayer got married to an American wife and changed his last name to Goldwyn. Mayer became the owner of one of the greatest movie studio, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. .
             A Polish director Benjamin Warner moved to America with his relatives and left his wife and children in Poland in search for the fortune. Warner travelled to many places in the East and Canada before he finally settling in Youngstown, Ohio and re-married.

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