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             The people that the person that is disliked is Gimpy from the bakery because he is always mean to Charlie. The person that is liked is Charlie, he is a good guy that everyone likes to have around because he is funny. .
             Charlie's important needs or goals in this book is to become smarter and to see his parents to prove to them that he is not dumb anymore. He wants to become better in life and be able to understand how things work and to not be made fun of all the time. He would also like to see his family again. .
             A) .
             Gimpy's important needs or goals were to steel from the bakery and get more money and get away with it, another thing was to get Charlie fired from his bakery job. .
             B) .
             Three character traits that Charlie has is that he is often scared. He wets his self all the time when he was younger. He wets himself when his mom is yelling at him. Another time was when he was at the doctors to get zapped to get smarter and he wet his pants. I think that Charlie is confused most of the time because he does not know how to do most stuff. He does his tests and he does not know how to do them. He is also confused when Gimpy and the other guys just leave him on the streets and he does not know how to get home. Another trait that Charlie has would be smart. Charlie can do mathematics and problem solving near the end of the book. He can even out smart some of the scientists. He even starts to learn different languages. .
             B) .
             Gimpy does not have many characteristics. Gimpy is very disrespectful. He is always making fun of Charlie and putting him down. He also steels from the bakery and disrespecting his job. I think that Gimpy is cowardly, he would not tell the truth about when he was steeling. He told Charlie to mind his own business. Another trait that Gimpy has is cruel. He starts a petition to get Charlie fired. He is always telling Charlie that he is stupid. He also does things like take him to parties or pull pranks on him just to laugh at him.

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