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Four Hours in My Lai

             This is a play that I would grade with ( 8 ) eight, while using a 0-10 grading scale. I liked all things about play, but the lightening, sound effects and costumes were the things that I liked most. Also I didn't like the story and the way its interpreted. .
             First of all and most of all I liked the lightening effects, without which play would not be so good. I liked the stage background lightening effects of blue and red that were caring meanings of good and bad. These lightening effects were caring the message of the play and showing as who were the good guys and who were the bad ones. The background of the stage would became the blue as soon as US soldieries would come out on the stage, showing to audience that in that war they were something bad, and not only them but people who were leading them in war. Also once when soldiers were on the stage background was again blue but the front lights of the stage colored soldiers in red, showing us that they are good and that the people in their background who were leading them are actually bad. This way lightening effects of blue and red showed me that soldiers were good guys and mostly innocent for things that happened, and that the blamed or a bad was a US government. Appearance of Vietnamese was always followed by changing of stage background color to red, meaning that they are good part of war and innocent for things that happened to them during the four hour massacre in the village My Lai. .
             Second thing I liked were sound effects that were big surprise for me. Every movement of actors was followed by appropriate sounds. Sounds that were following soldiers were scary, and always when hearing those kinds of sounds I was .
             expecting soldiers to come on stage and background to change in blue. The sound of shooting and falling of Vietnamese on the ground were also done well. Also the sounds that were appropriate with appearance of Vietnamese were relaxing and sweet and always followed by red color of stage background.

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