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War: Overthrow Insane Hussein

             War according to the dictionary means a state or period of usu. open and declared armed fighting between states and nations or a struggle between opposing forces or for a particular end. The United States must go to war to end the regime of Saddam Hussein. They must attack Saddam and his followers before it is too late. There are many reasons why the U.S should go to war, three important reasons are: Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction, Saddam is a cruel dictator, and Iraqi oil is very precious to the United States. .
             First and foremost we should go to war because Saddam has been developing weapons of mass destruction. Evidence shows Saddam will use these weapons. He fired chemical shells at the Iranian troops during the Iran-Iraq war; he invaded Kuwait and Iran, and fired Scud missiles at Saudi Arabia during the 1991 Gulf War. Many people feel that with the missile technology he has, he is willing and ready to attack any target in the U.S. The Program of international policy asked people in the September PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll, "Do you think that Saddam Hussein does or does not have the capability to use chemical or biological weapons against targets in the US?" an overwhelming 79% said that he does. The US should attack Iraq, because if we do not act, Iraq will be an even greater threat to the US in the future. In addition, disarming Iraq by force is the only option left since disarming them by inspection wasn"t successful. Iraq is developing weapons of mass destruction that can be used to terrorize nations. Going to war is an issue about disarming a man who uses his power to destroy the lives of others.
             Also, Saddam is not only a threat to the U.S but a threat to his own people. Saddam Hussein is a brutal dictator and has no place in any civilized society. Saddam is responsible for a long history of internal repression against the Iraqi people. Mass murder, execution, torture, disappearances, rape, and forced deportation are all used against real or imagined enemies to the state.

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