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Genetic Fingerprinting

            Genetic finger printing is the greatest advance in science since finger printing itself. Genetic fingerprinting was first developed as an identification technique in 1985. It was originally used to detect genetic diseases but it was soon used in criminal investigations. .
             DNA is extracted from the sample of blood, hair roots, semen or saliva. Enzymes that break the DNA apart are put in and the broken segments are arranged by size on a sheet covered with gel, the process is called electrophoresis. The segments are marked with probes and placed on X-ray film. When the film develops they form a pattern of black bars "the DNA fingerprint.
             Genetic finger printing is mostly used for solving crimes. Tiny blood samples, hair roots, semen or saliva from the scene are converted into barcodes and then compared with the suspect's barcode. Genetic finger printing has made it a lot easier to identify criminals and to make sure that is the right person is convicted. .
             Genetic finger printing is also used to identify babies/children with their parent. Because 50% of the barcode is inherited from each parent the lines in the child's barcode that are not in one parent's must be in the other's. People have great certainty in this method of identifying people so it is also used in accidents and when the dead people have started to decay. .
             In the future genetic finger printing will be used to predicted depression and other stress related diseases. It will be used in divorce court cases so that if a parent is likely to develop a disease they will not be given custody of the child. Also the health insurance agencies will depend on it as to how much and how long the insurance will last. Employers will have people checked to see of they will get disease, to decide wether or not to employ them.

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