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Help Stop Acid Rain

            Help Fight the Fight Against Acid Rain.
             A couple of years back my family and I decided to make a trip to Pakistan after a gap of 2 years. Now we were all looking forward to this trip. Firstly were going after so long and were looking forward to spending some time at our grand home in Pakistan which had a lush green lawn and acute little pond in the center of it. I could already imagine sitting over there and having a great holiday. Another thing that made the trip more exciting was that we would be reaching Pakistan during the monsoon season. That means fun filled days of dancing and playing in the rain something that we never get to do back here in the UAE. Here it hardly rains. Anyways, we reached Pakistan and what luck!! It was raining. Immediately my brothers and sisters ran into the rain. But all of a sudden my uncle - who had come to receive us at the airport - began to shout at us to come out form the rain. His exact words were - "the rain is poisonous-. We listened to him but what he said kept poking me in t!.
             he back of my mind. "What did he mean?- I just couldn't understand. Anyways I didn't let that spoil my mood and on the way to our home I was already jumping with thoughts of what I was going to my home. But the sight we saw shocked the daylight out of all of us. The only thing we could see there was destruction and only destruction. It was as if we had stepped into a new and strange place. The lush green lawn we had expected was now a yellow carpet of dry hay and our pond it was a pool of smelly water with dead fish. To add to that our 10 feet high boundary walls was now a measly 6 feet. The brightly painted walls of our home was now peeling and patchy. And our car it was no better. Our holiday was ruined. .
             Nobody had any idea what had happened. Some of us figured our home must have been the tragic victim of some natural disaster like a hurricane or a flood. And we didn't know what had happened up until my uncle, who is a respected meteorologist in Pakistan, explained that this was no natural disaster but an unnatural disaster.

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