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Brief Comments on Mr. Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights"

             -----Brief Comments on Mr.
             "Wuthering Heights" is a famous works written by one of the greatest .
             British poets and novelists ------ Emily Bronte who exerted her utmost .
             effort to finish this works. It is a Romantic novel, which has been .
             discussed and investigated by the scholars all over the world. Besides its .
             symphonic frame and its implicit narrative method, another important .
             reason for this novel being loved is that the hero Heathcliff has a .
             galloping enthusiasm, a distinct love and hate. His supernormal and ruthless .
             revenge is also attractive. One of the greatest British critics William .
             Somerset Mugham said that: "I do not know another novel which has the .
             same descriptions of pain, infatuation, cruelty and insistence of .
             Emily Bronte was born in a clergyman's family. Once she was sent to a .
             boarding school with strict rules and inclement conditions. When she .
             was nineteen, she became a teacher who is at low status. Therefore, she .
             knew something about the people's lives of middle and lower levels. She .
             spent most of her short life in Yorkshire. The primitive, rugged and .
             unstrained life there trained her an obstinate, willful, apprehensive and .
             cruel character. The name of her hero ------ Heathcliff is made up by .
             two words: heath and cliff. The name creates a "cruel" impression to .
             readers, which is also just a reflection of her mentality. Emily Bronte .
             tortuously depicted the influences due to the industrial development of .
             capitalistic society and social changes in Britain. Meanwhile, she .
             revealed her most inherent instinct and hidden secret in this powerfully .
             energetic and stirring novel. Emily Bronte thoroughly put herself into .
             the role ------ Heathcliff. She poured her fury, her scorn to .
             capitalistic society, her cruelty, her loneliness, resistance and struggle into .
             Heathcliff. Therefore, Heathcliff had the right to say: "I am also an .
             Emily Bronte!".
             Originally, Heathcliff was a destitute child who was adopted by Mr.

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