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Japanese Traditional Outfit - KIMONO

            Does anybody know what a kimono is or has anybody heard the word kimono? A kimono is the Japanese traditional outfit, and it's made out of silk. It is only worn on special occasions. Actually, the opportunities to wear a kimono are seldom. We have another kind of outfit that is called, a yukata. A yukata is made from cotton. In contrast to the ceremonial kimono, the yukata is ordinary, unassuming clothing and is worn in the summertime. Through research and my personal experience today, I will inform you about two Japanese traditional outfits, the kimono and the yukata. .
             The kimono is made from silk and there are many different types of kimonos for men, women and children. It is not only worn by women, but also men. The cut, color, fabric, and decorations of a kimono may vary according to sex and age. However, the woman's kimono is mainly introduced in this discussion. Women's kimonos are the most elaborate and varied in style and design. In order to wear a kimono, one must have an obi, which wraps around a kimono, Japanese socks and Japanese sandals. These items are very important. An example of an occasion for wearing a kimono is the coming-of age day. This is a national holiday to celebrate a Japanese girls and boys life as they turn 20 years old and enter adulthood. At this time, most girls are dressed in kimonos. I brought a picture of me for my Coming-of-age day. When I went back to Japan for summer vacation, I rented a kimono and took a picture. The cost to rent the outfit and take pictures was about four hundred dollars. Actually, the price to buy a kimono varies from five thousand dollars, which is the cheapest to fifteen thousand dollars, which is the most expensive. Consequently, most Japanese people tend to rent kimonos rather than buying one. I"m not used to wearing a kimono so, it was tiresome to keep wearing it, even for 30 minutes. According to my experience, I can tell you that a kimono is a very tight fitting and is difficult to walk in while wearing.

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