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Hypocrisy Or Illiterracy

             The subject of homosexuality has always managed to spark controversy despite more serious issues that need to be addressed such as crime, violence, and economic hardships. Is it that the members of society have become so consumed with trivialities that they fail to notice real issues? .
             The stigma associated with same-sex relationships has reached epidemic proportion. Between 1992 and 1994 a total of 26 homosexuals were victims of hate crimes and another 165 were murdered. Such acts are justified on the basis that the Bible condemns homosexuality. This is sheer hypocrisy, since that same Bible condemns fornication, lying, stealing and murder. It even says that if a man fails to provide for his family, it would be better for him to renounce the faith. Some persons fail to adhere to that portion of the Bible and abandon their families. Yet, they hold fast against homosexuality, with no thought that all sins are equal and that the Bible condemns all sins.
             Is it that society has become so scared of what they do not understand that they are willing to kill? The subject of homosexuality has become a debate about values. There is the freedom of homosexuals to get married, the rights of employers to deprive gay's spouse of employment benefits, the rights of the church to uphold moral standards and the rights of gays to choose their lifestyle. Even the rights of society to introduce controversial measures to control what it deem wholesome and discard what they consider not, has become a subject for heated debate.
             Cease being hypocritical or illiterate. Even the brilliant over-paid so-called psychologists and psychiatrists are unable to explain same-sex attraction. Animals use instincts, not reason, and they do mate with the same sex. Why is it that those anti-gay activists with so much time on their hands and so much passion for what they believe in fail to find these animals and kill them Created by too? .

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