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Innate Weaknesses In Othello

            Innate Weaknesses Human nature is a topic often examined and is discussed in Shakespeare's Othello. Specific human traits that are negative are present in all humans, yet some control them better than others. These negative traits are considered innate weaknesses in human composition. Weaknesses in human nature, such as self-interest, jealousy, and lust, are all demonstrated in Othello. Iago is considered the main villain of the play, and in knowing of these certain human weaknesses, he uses them to his own advantage. At the same time, Iago proves to be an embodiment of these weaknesses. These certain characteristics are dominate over characters' personalities and result in harmful consequences. By having Iago use to his advantage certain human vices and weaknesses, Shakespeare is presenting the unavoidable weaknesses in human nature and their consequences. Iago performs his evil doings for self-interest and brings this innate desire of bettering oneself out in Othello as part of his plan. Iago claims to "hate the Moor"(I.III.380), yet, "for the necessity of present life [he] must show out a flag and sign of love"(I.I.156, 157). In order for him to use Othello, though, Iago must first raise in Othello a desire for bettering himself. Iago states that he will try and make Othello's "jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure"(ll.l.293-294). This jealousy will lead Othello to become irrational and desperate to be back in peace and in control of his relationship. As well, Othello will want to get out of the shameful position of being labeled a "cuckold". By killing Desdemona in an irrational act where no factual evidence ever existed, Othello lets himself be controlled by jealousy and by Iago. This tragic murder represents the degree of possible results from tempting the universal, deep-seated desire for power and bettering of oneself. Jealousy, one of the most common human emotions, is not only presented as one of the tools used by Iago, but, as well, Iago proves a victim to it.

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