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Hacking 101 for Everyone

            Paris is often in the forefront of new trends. Like computer security classes offered to major corporations in the United States, the Hackademy trains everyday consumers to protect themselves from hackers.
             Julie Gordon attended the Hackademy while her family was in France on vacation. Since she spent a great deal of time online with her computer, Julie's parents thought it would be an inexpensive way to keep her occupied while they took in all the tourist attractions that she had come to loathe.
             The family computer had been "hi-jacked" when they switched to a high speed, DSL line. Since the computer was constantly connected to the Internet, these hackers were able to use the Gordon's computer to work on other tasks. Although no harm had come to their system, the Gordons had felt vulnerable and removed all the financial information that they had stored on the computer.
             Attending class at the Hackademy was an exciting experience. Julie learned basic hacking skills that enabled her to explore network vulnerabilities, exploit network protocols and learn how to intrude in systems. Once the Gordon's returned to the United States, Julie spent a lot of her spare time practicing what she learned. She had applied her new self-defense skills to create a secure web connection for the Gordon's home computer.
             Question 1.
             Does Julie face an ethical dilemma? What should she do?.
             The Internet is fairly new and the original inventors of it did not envision that it will become an important platform that provides services such as email, e-commerce, and etc. Network security has not been addressed sufficiently from the onset. A lot of people today are not fully aware of all the risk there are exposed to when they have their computers connected to the internet.
             Julie's computer has been hi-jacked by hackers to work on other task. This is basically an unauthorized break-in. Since security on the Internet has not been fully addressed, there are only a few courses of action that is available to her to protect the family PC.

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