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Prisoner of Conscience

             Individual political rights have been a concern for a very long time.
             Most societies have always had some form of legal recognition and.
             protection of human rights, but definitions as to what constitutes human.
             rights, and who should have them have varied considerably. Human rights .
             became a matter of international concern in the 19th century. Most.
             international discussions today combine the two views of human rights,.
             that is, freedom and welfare rights. Along with the traditional civil rights.
             enumerated in Western constitutions (for ex: equal protection of the laws,.
             protection against arbitrary arrest, the right to a fair trial, freedom of.
             ownership and trade, and freedom of expression, religion, and assembly).
             are included rights to acceptable employment, satisfactory conditions,.
             health care, annuities, and vacation time. Sustained attempts to construct .
             comprehensive international laws and institutions dealing with human.
             rights were made for the first time after World War II. Many conventions.
             focus on topics such as racial discrimination, religious intolerance, self-.
             determination, occupied territories, legal aid, slavery, and the position of.
             women. Democratic as well as dictator, countries have sometimes.
             shown indifference for basic human rights. Whether or not any nation can.
             ever achieve the standard, no political consciousness can ignore human.
             rights, for they express the human aspiration to live in freedom and dignity.
             The types of people that have stood up for what they believe, and .
             because of this, have been put in jail are called prisoners of conscience.
             Someone that can be classified as a prisoner of conscience would be .
             Muhammad Ali.

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