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Journal Reveiw

             The purpose of this review is to provide a better understanding of the Internet Week Journal and all of its contents. After reading this document, a should better understand the magazines physical details, (average number of pages, paper quality, the use of font and color, etc.) Publication Data (Frequency of issues, Type of publisher, cost per issue, etc.)and content of articles (average length, topics, complexity, etc.) In this document I will analyze the writing styles (fog index, general clarity, and Sentence Structure), and the audience it is written for. .
             When first given the assignment to analyze a journal I was reluctant to use this particular one, because I thought it would be too dull. After reading the journals, I found that they are full of useful information that is relevant to my future profession, computer science. I found countless articles that will assist in staying ahead of technological advances. I plan to continue to read the journal. I plan to continue to read the journal.
             Physical Details.
             The Physical size of the Journal is thirteen inches long and ten and three eighths inches wide. The issues reviewed were no longer than 78 pages and no less than 50 with an average of 55 pages. Every issue had a basic outlined cover. Internet week is printed across the top in bold red and black letters. The main heading seems to be about 78 point Arial 3-D font. Centered directly above the title is Internet weeks web site. Directly below the title is a small title that reads Business Transformed.
             Each issue's cover is printed on a high quality and relatively thick paper. The paper has a smooth glossy finish with a bright white background. Inner pages of the journal are printed on a thinner dull white paper that is of lesser quality. The finish is also a glossy smooth finish. Each page of the journal is full of rich color that is transparent through the paper.

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