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Loss Of Innocence

             September 11, a normal Tuesday morning in the United States, American innocence was ripped away as hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania. The crimes these people had committed against America was the worst act of terrorism the world has ever seen. Today the United States and Britain are launching missiles at Afghanistan, trying to hunt down Osama Bin Laden to bring him to justice. We the people must not let the actions of another weaken us. U.S. citizens must not let terrorism rule our lives. We must show support for the actions that our government must take against the attacks, even if it goes against our own private beliefs. .
             A few weeks ago, the first cruise missile landed in Afghanistan and with .
             that Bin Laden pleaded for Muslims to unite and wage a holy war against the United States and her allies. What does this mean? Will this attack cause another world war? How can America cope with this attack, since it is the first attack since Pearl Harbor Will we accomplish our objectives and eliminate the world of terrorism? Sadly, although it might be worth it, we will never be able to eliminate terrorism. People have their beliefs and they have their own opinion to what their world should be like. Unfortunately hate is also another thing that no one can ever eliminate. Why, because as long as people are different from one another there will always be some kind of discrimination or dislike to another because human beings fear what is different. The people that have committed this crime of teriorism against the U.S. are cowards that won't accept that everyone doesn't have to be the same.
             Terrorism is not like any other crime although the it is set up like a crime. It has a victim and it has a perpetrator and the perpetrator aims at harming the victim. We will never be able to eliminate this basic concept from our country or the world.

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