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             This interesting movie had many twist and turns that always kept you on the edge of your seat. The mysterious ending could have been interrupted in a variety of different views depending on the person watching the movie. The psychological role of the movie was tremendous, with patients ranging from paranoid schizophrenia to multiple personality disorders. The patients in the Manhattan Institute are Prot, Bess, Maria, Mrs. Archer, Ernie, Howie, Sal, and others ranging from different disorders. .
             The patient Prot was a delusional person, that no effect from the most powerful ant psychotic drugs. He thinks he's from another planet, and many other of the patients are starting to believe him. Bess is another patient that is in a state of depression called period schizophrenia and psychotic depression. Prescriptions for her case would include Clozaril and ECT. .
             Maria is a patient that is suffering from Multiple Personality Order. These disorders often are accompanied by anxiety, insomnia, and ceaseless headaches. Her personalities vary form one to another. The next patient is Mrs. Archer, which is in a state of disassociate. Her husband left her for a younger woman and now she can't cant get out of this stage. After a wake up talk from Prot he is the first person to get her out of her room since she has been there.
             Ernie has a fear of death, because of his mother dying at a young age. Now he can't eat, go outside, he needs to wear a mask (fear of germs), and wearing gloves. Since Prot was there he is now realizing that you can die any day. Howie is patient that is on tranquilizers, and he has a desire for perfection. He spends most his time reading dictionaries and encyclopedias which enables him in his mind to speak without any mistakes. The last patient that we met is Sal, which is a chronic cynic, hopeless pessimist, and classical curmudgeon. He informs everyone at the Institution that they stink.

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