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Leonardo Da Vinci

            My artist I will be talking about in this report is Leonardo Da Vinci.
             He was a great manwith many accomplishments.
             Literally the term Renaissance Man was used to describe the absolute genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. He accomplished so much in his life in all forms of science, art, you name it, he.
             was gifted in that area. Most all people.
             know at least one of his great works. This well known work is the La Gioconda,.
             or most commonly known as the Mona.
             Lisa. Another one some normal people may know of is the huge mural type.
             painting of The Last Supper, that was.
             painted on the wall of the dining hall in the monastery of Santa Maria Delle.
             Grazie in Malan, Italy.
             His paintings would have alone given him enormous fame with all the nobles in.
             the area, not to mention all his.
             sculpting, architectural works, and his scientifical contributions. He did.
             serious investigations into the physical and.
             natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, and mechanics.
             Well more than three hundred years before any type of flying machines were even.
             conceived of, Leonardo.
             Da Vinci had drawn up numerous proto type plans for "airplanes" and even planes.
             for a sort of "helicopter".
             Now a days huge airplanes and helicopters have been improved upon, and.
             perfected, but his ideas are still.
             being put to use. Among the most significant scientific achievements was his.
             portrayal of the anatomical potitions and.
             parts. This brought the science of human autonomy into the realm of drawing and.
             art, and provided a start to mostscientific illustration.
             Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452 on his fathers land in Vinci, near Florence. .
             He grew up on the.
             families estate and was Schooled there. When he turned fifteen his father sent.
             him to apprentice with an artist by the.
             name of Andrea Del Verrocchio somewhere in Florence. With the teaching of.
             Verrocchio, he studied all of the arts:.
             Painting, drawing, sculpture, and mechanics. Later at a nearby shop he worked.

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