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Gulliver's Travels

            In the fictitous work of Johnathan Swift in Gulliver's Travel, here he describes and imitates the lives of very different beings. We come to know and experience the lives of the Houyhnhnms, the Yahoos, Human Beings in the European world, and Gulliver. The way each being lives is uniquely different and yet similar to each other in a way. For the Houyhnhnms in their country is similar the Humans in Europe. Yet at the same time, the Humans are similar the Yahoos. Gulliver, in all circumstances, plays a part of all the beings from his ways and behaviors of his past to his ways and behaviors of his present situation.
             The Houyhnhnms are seen by Gulliver to be the utmost, perfect society of creatures in a beautiful world. The perfect society according to Gulliver. These Houyhnhnms live a world where there is nothing but honesty and nothing can be false. The Houyhnhnms live in a world where there is no lying, cheating, stealing, greed, or hostility among each other. This place is a perfect world where there is harmony. The Houyhnhnms place is where reason is the backbone of everything. For if you live by reason and go by reason, then how cans anything is judged or wrong. Where everything is not questioned and everyone goes along with what is ordered, for instance his or her hierarchy of classes. Where the white, sorrel, and gray coat Houyhnhnms are to be "naturally" inferior of the bay, black, and dapple-gray coat Houyhnhnms. Yet with all this, these Houyhnhnms are losing something that Humans have. They miss out entirely of the conditions of emotions which the Houyhnhnms have none. .
             Also, that no one can actually have a mind of their own, even though they are to be so intellectual. No Houyhnhnms can have an opinion or say that they hate being a servant and want more out of life or want to succeed. The Houyhnhnms society may have seen as the perfect world, but the inhabitors of this world are missing out on things, which they could never have, one's own mind.

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