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Lorna Simpson

            I find Lorna Simpson to be very expressionistic in her work.
             message to the viewer when looked at. When I look at her photographs I clearly.
             understand what she is trying to portray. To me her feelings are expressed directly,.
             depicting a thought or idea on a subject. I think that her work is very original and.
             personal; to both her and the viewer. I believe that her work can represent a statement of.
             feeling. Whether she is trying to speak about racism, family values, or African-American.
             Lorna Simpson was born is Brooklyn, New York City, in 1960. She moved around.
             sections of NYC, going from Brooklyn to a section close to Queens in her teens. Lorna.
             Simpson was trained in traditional photography techniques at the School of Visual Arts in.
             New York, although early on she began to explore more creative approaches to.
             photography and presentation. She expanded the possibilities for black-and-white.
             photography in a number of ways, the best known of which are her combinations of.
             images and text. This technique forces viewers to conceptualize both text and.
             photography. This adds a lot of explanation to her work. When the viewer looks at her.
             work they will be able understand easily her and what she is trying to portray. To me this.
             technique is exceptional. When I view her work I do not have to think terribly hard at.
             when she is trying to say. There are photographs that need explanation and some that do.
             not. For Lorna Simpson's work there needs to be an explanation, and I do not believe .
             that it is necessary for her to write an artists statement for her work. The explanation is.
             incorporated with the work itself, creating an ease for the viewer. The viewer can look at.
             the piece and understand the work.
             Simpson believes that art, especially photography, has the ability to change the world for.
             the better. But the issues addressed in her work are not easy ones. She incorporates.
             racism, slavery, and other aspects of African-American experience in society.

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