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             The Maya culture reached it's height of prosperity in the Late Classics. Through this period, one can see how the Maya's culture true beauty is shown by the different types of architecture, ceramics, and sculptures the artist made. Of all Mesoamerican art and architecture, that of the Late Classic Maya has long been the most admired. In these chapters, Miller and Pasztory both showed the beautiful arts of this period with a more detailed focus on the architecture of the cultures main centers buildings. This report will give a brief summary in regards to both of the author's books chapter. I will then finish by writing about the zoomorph and giving my view of this monstrous astonishing piece of art. .
             Both, Miller and Pasztory, agree this is the time period when we see the Mayan detailed and more naturalness design in their art's come to live. This paragraph will focus on the views of both these author's regarding the chapters sections on the sculptures, ceramics, and small figures. In Pazstorys section, she points out how the Mayan art revolves preponderantly around three major themes, these are the accession or establishment of the ruler, warfare with the acquisitions of captives, and the drawing of blood by the ruler and his family as an indication of commitment to service of the cosmos. At the beginning of the Late Classic times, strong regional styles emerged in monumental Maya sculpture. Miller finds that rituals associated with royalty were often recorded on the sculpture monuments, which included capture, sacrifice, auto-sacrifice, and visions of ancestors. All of which may derive from royal manuscripts, as we see in the Stela F and the Zoomorph P, in Quirigua. As we head into the small sculptures and figures, we fine how Maya objects of such small scale have been recorded from royal burials, and many carry information relating to the life or afterlife of a given individual.

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