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            Aristophanes" Lysistrata is the classic tale of the war of the sexes. The women in the play are portrayed as independent and wanting the war between Sparta and Athens to end. The men are portrayed as belligerent, war-crazy men who seldom used logic. Aristophanes uses his dialogue to enlighten the reader as to the social relevance of women. .
             From the very beginning of Lysistrata the author's agenda is lucent. In scene one the Commissioner describes the women as degenerates because in ancient Greece the women are not supposed to voice their opinion. Any women that rose above the social bounds are considered to be stupid or a degenerate. .
             The Commissioner saw women as a nuisance and simplifies them to the domestic duties which they perform by calling their protest against the war, "a racket of little drums, what a yapping for Adonis on every house top." With the mention of Adonis, the ideal man, the Commissioner goes even further to suggest women are tied to men. The Commissioners reference to the women being on every house top refers to the women being only good for taking care of the house and being good house wives. This is what the women of ancient Greece were considered good for. During this time period this type of behavior was unheard of by women. The women were never considered a citizen in ancient Greece. The men always voiced their opinion for their wives and made all the important decisions in the household. For the Commissioner to have a village of women voicing their views throughout the village is a complete mockery. .
             The commissioner proceeds to recall a speech that he remembered but before explaining this speech he quickly referred to it as "out of order, as usual." This quick reference is a pun intended to quickly express his views on how women behave all the time. He proceeds to suggest women's opinions as illogical by comparing them to, "that fool Demostratos", a sophist.

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