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Macbeth Themes

            William Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" exposes many evil explicit themes.
             The theme of temptation is an apparent theme. The witches create temptation by giving.
             Macbeth the prophecies. At first Macbeth acknowledges that killing the king would.
             create "deep damnation." However, Macbeth succumbs to temptation when Lady.
             Macbeth calls him a "coward in thine own esteem." Next, Deceit is a major theme.
             throughout the play. Macbeth trys to hide the murder of the king by wearing a "false.
             face". His vindictive plan is to "mock the time" and fool the noblemen of his evil doings.
             Macbeth also deceives Banquo by lying to him about not thinking of the evil witches.
             prophecies. "Macbeth" displays many evil themes in the entirety of the play.
             Macbeth owns many tragic character flaws which lead to his death. First, the.
             ambition that Macbeth bestows is deadly. During Macbeth's ambitious journey he.
             commits many sinful mistakes. However, even living with the guilt he couldn't " wash.
             from (his) hands", he still pursues the throne. The ambitious nature of Macbeth was.
             never satisfied. He wished to "died an hour before this chance" to become king. Next,.
             being unfaithful to the Christian religion is a significant flaw of Macbeth. Several times.
             Macbeth sins and "celebrates Pale Hectate's offering" in killing Duncan. Also, Macbeth.
             loses hope and says life "is a tale told by an idiot." The many flaws of Macbeth lead to.
             his downfall.
             In many ways my life is similar to Macbeth's. First, my life is full of temptation. .
             It seems like everywhere I look there is temptation. Like Macbeth I wish God wasn't.
             looking sometimes but then I realize that "we still have judgment here." Next, to get.
             what I want I have became deceitful. I have worn a mask to escape the bad consequences.
             as Macbeth did to protect throne. I showed an "unfelt sorrow" towards my mother when.
             I broke the cup and blamed it on my brother.
             I have acquired some of the same character flaws as Macbeth.

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