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Mass Media And Industry

             In what ways can Australia's mass media be considered as an 'Industry'? If it is an industry, it clearly differs from others by virtue of the fact it deals with representations. What are the implications of this difference, and what role does it require for governments in controlling and regulating the mass media?.
             Australia's Mass Media.
             This essay will address the fact that Australia's mass media is indeed an industry by the very nature of its existence. It will identify the media's role within the community and its effect on the community's cultural ideology. .
             It will further discuss the implications involving relationships between the media owners, government executives, and advertisers.
             Taking these relationships into consideration, this essay will discuss why the government should provide strict regulations on certain sections of the media, and why the media should not be left to self-regulate.
             In conclusion it will sum up the premise that if the mass media are going to continue to influence us, the populace must be able to identify its own cultural qualities and values through its representations.
             The Macquarie Dictionary defines 'Industry' in three ways:.
             1. "A particular branch of trade or manufacture". The media's print, broadcast and telecommunications sectors fill this prerequisite.
             2. "Any large scale business activity". In 1994 the Australian Media Accreditation Authority stated that 52 advertising agencies each had a turnover of more than $20 million. This is certainly an example of a 'large scale business activity'.
             3, "Assiduous activity at any work or task". If nothing else, the media is certainly persistent. Thus the media's prolific reportage of foreign activities, political news and current affairs ensures that this description aptly describes Australia's Mass Media.
             The question of what can be called an industry is clearly defined, and the mass media certainly meets all of the literal definitions.

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