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McCulloch Vs. Maryland

             Maryland [1819] is a landmark Supreme Court case because of its impact on the future court cases, passing of laws, and social conscience. The case is one of the most influential cases in Supreme Court history. Chief Justice John Marshall established the doctrine of National Supremacy. National government is supreme over state governments. McCulloch vs. Maryland created the doctrine of "Implied Powers" that has become the cornerstone of American constitutional law. "This decision became the legal safeguard not only for the Second Bank of the United States and its notes, but also for paper money later issued by Congress" (McCulloch Vs. Maryland (2), p11). This case was the first test of the constitutionality of federally chartered banks and nationally issued paper currency.
             The Supreme Court case of McCulloch vs. Maryland set forth important principles in American government. The case itself dealt with whether or not the Congress had power from the Constitution to establish a National Bank; also, it dealt with whether or not a state could tax or interfere with the National Bank.
             "McCulloch vs. Maryland centers on the division of powers between state and federal governments. A country must have a strong central government" (Kermit, 21). It also must have the support of the people, which will only happen if the people are allowed to handle problems, which they consider to be local. "In the Constitution, certain enumerated powers were delegated to the national government"(Siegal, 25). The tenth amendment declared that those powers not delegated were left to the states, or to the people.
             "In 1818, the Maryland legislature imposed a tax on the operations of the Second National Bank in Maryland. This federal bank was not very popular because it competed with the state banks for customers and it set limits on state and private loans" (McCulloch Vs. Maryland (1819), p4). "The State of Maryland pushed by the state banks, imposed heavy taxes on the federal bank.

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