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Medicinal Marijuana

             It is in human nature to help those who are suffering. The most deadly diseases, and the most painful diseases bring not only physical suffering, but mental suffering as well. And for this, I stand resolved that the use of marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. Marijuana takes away the stress, and pain of many ailments that are the greater plagues of this century. Marijuana will be described as, and in reference to the weaker preparation of the plant cannabis, used for smoking and eating. When someone is suffering, we want to make them as comfortable as possible and help them by any means necessary. It is a world wide quest to end pain and suffering and in this light, we can begin to see why the use of medicinal marijuana is beneficial in the medical world.
             Medicinal marijuana should be made legally available to those who could benefit from it. AIDS patients are prone to a disease called the wasting syndrome, where their fat dissolves. Satisfied patients report that marijuana has given them an appetite again. Glaucoma patients find that it stops the deterioration of their eye muscles. Doctors are prescribing medicine to their patients illegally, just to ease the suffering of their helpless patients. Numerous sick people are being arrested and sent to jail because they wanted to make their quality of life better. The government needs to have compassion for the sick, and understand it's own bill of rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Allowing people to choose to use marijuana to improve their life is perfectly reasonable. Refusing patients the use of marijuana is harmful and uncompassionate.Patients who use marijuana are aware of the dangers and understand what they are doing. "98 percent of those who use marijuana for medical purposes have no history of marijuana abuse."(Chris Conrad, Hemp for Health.pg. 98) As I have said before, marijuana is effective and if used correctly.

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