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Methods/ Mathematics

             MTED 201: Primary Mathematics Methods.
             Factors that influence how children learn.
             The essence of this theory is students construct their own understanding of math ideas (by interacting with physical models of these ideas).
             Professional influences:.
             Its emphasis is back to the basics, the 3 R's were emphasized (reading, writing, and arithmetic). .
             Technological Influences: .
             In the math class there should be at least a calculator.
             Language influences:.
             Language is a part of the whole thinking process. Students verbalize, it is used in problem solving, and relationships are formed. .
             Societal influences:.
             A number of societal factors influence decisions made by the government in classes, telling what is to be taught.
             Research influences:.
             Research is very important, because it can help us understand what to teach, when, and how to teach. Teachers should keep abreast with journals and visit seminars.
             How do students learn mathematics?.
             Cognitivist/constructivist approach (Mental discipline theory of the 19th century).
             Learning Theories.
             Research on learning theories impacted how math was (and is) taught. Predominant in the 19th century was mental discipline. (Math is an area where mental discipline can be very effective).
             Two theories (in recent times).
             Cognitivist/ Constructivist.
             Came to existence in the early part of the 20th century where what was done in the classroom was influenced by Behaviorist psychology. .
             E.L. Thorndike .
             Theory of stimulus response replaced mental discipline.
             Stimulus response states that learning (only) takes place when a bond is established between some stimulus and a person's response to the stimulus.
             Drills and practices became a major component prominent during the early 20th century. .
             In the 1960's a behaviorist named Robert Gagne's published materials on conditions of learning. For any student there are a variety of learning situations that can be ordered according to the principle of pre-requisite learning.

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